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, Director of Growth, PageLever

November 27, 2012 in Product & Feature Announcements

Introducing Competitive Streams: Monitor your competitors’ Facebook Pages in real-time


Today, we’re excited to introduce Competitive Streams, the fastest way to keep eyes on your competitors’ Facebook Pages in real-time. A brand new applet built on our PageLever Now architecture, Competitive Streams allows our customers to instantly identify the most engaging posts from competitors’ Facebook Pages, using our unique Relative Impact Efficiency metric. While most Competitive Analysis tools can only look at the past, Competitive Streams pulls in the most recent posts from competitors in real-time. Great Community Managers know … Read More

, Director of Growth, PageLever

November 6, 2012 in Product & Feature Announcements

Announcing PageLever Now: The latest addition to the PageLever family

PageLever Now Logo

As you might have already heard, last Thursday we launched PageLever Now – the latest in our rapidly expanding suite of Facebook marketing products. Now is our solution for the first 48 hours of activity on your Facebook Pages. Our goal with Now is to apply our expertise in analytics to the publishing and monitoring tools that you use everyday to get your job done. More than “just” a publisher, Now is a platform for apps that assist in every … Read More

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