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January 28, 2013 in Company Milestones

PageLever + Unified


We are excited to announce that PageLever has been acquired by Unified, an award-winning enterprise marketing technology company. Over the past year, we’ve been impressed by Unified’s products, vision and ambition. As our founders and teams interacted in the market, we saw an exciting opportunity to join forces and realize our shared vision to push social marketing and advertising forward through easy-to-use, innovative solutions that drive powerful results. Since its launch in January 2012, Unified has been a market leader in … Read More

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November 28, 2012 in How-To

How we hit a 9.679% CTR with Facebook Domain Sponsored Stories


At PageLever, we share our best Facebook marketing tips and tricks with our customers to help them succeed. I’ve been hesitant to reveal this secret though – it’s just too good. But over the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided that it’s time to let this one out and see what others can do with it. Read on and read carefully – this is one you don’t want to miss. First, some context: Below are some baseline numbers for average performance of Facebook … Read More

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November 27, 2012 in Product & Feature Announcements

Introducing Competitive Streams: Monitor your competitors’ Facebook Pages in real-time


Today, we’re excited to introduce Competitive Streams, the fastest way to keep eyes on your competitors’ Facebook Pages in real-time. A brand new applet built on our PageLever Now architecture, Competitive Streams allows our customers to instantly identify the most engaging posts from competitors’ Facebook Pages, using our unique Relative Impact Efficiency metric. While most Competitive Analysis tools can only look at the past, Competitive Streams pulls in the most recent posts from competitors in real-time. Great Community Managers know … Read More

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November 14, 2012 in General News

Fact Check: Why Mark Cuban is wrong about Facebook


Yesterday, the internet went ablaze with yet another round of hoopla surrounding changes to Organic Reach for Pages, this time because of quotes from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban published on Read Write Web. In the article, Cuban complains that in order for one of his companies’ Pages’ Posts to reach one million people on Facebook, his companies must pay roughly $3,000 – a sum that Cuban finds outrageous. Cuban claims to have shifted his companies’ marketing strategies to Twitter … Read More

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November 6, 2012 in Product & Feature Announcements

Announcing PageLever Now: The latest addition to the PageLever family

PageLever Now Logo

As you might have already heard, last Thursday we launched PageLever Now – the latest in our rapidly expanding suite of Facebook marketing products. Now is our solution for the first 48 hours of activity on your Facebook Pages. Our goal with Now is to apply our expertise in analytics to the publishing and monitoring tools that you use everyday to get your job done. More than “just” a publisher, Now is a platform for apps that assist in every … Read More

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October 5, 2012 in Company Milestones

Milestone: We’re measuring over 1 billion connections between Pages and Facebook users

Facebook 1 Billion Users

This past Wednesday, Facebook announced that they’d hit the major milestone of one billion active users. We were naturally curious how many connections between Facebook Pages and users we measure — as it turns out, we hit a big milestone ourselves on the same day: As of October 4th, 2012, PageLever measures 1,101,504,623 connections between Pages and Facebook users. Now, we don’t want to overstate our case — our number represents the total number of likes of all the Pages that … Read More

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August 28, 2012 in Whitepapers

Driving with your eyes closed (PDF Whitepaper)

PageLever - Driving with your eyes closed

There’s something crazy going on in the world of Facebook marketing. There are thousands of people at brands and agencies working on Facebook Pages – generating content, managing communities, reporting to clients, managing teams. Entirely new businesses and departments have been founded to manage and grow companies’ social presence. Millions of people reached, and billions of impressions. And yet, most decisions are made on the basis of instinct alone. At the same companies, everyone else is judged quantitatively, using data. … Read More

, Director of Growth, PageLever

August 20, 2012 in How-To

How to use Sponsored Page Posts to reach your target audience in the News Feed


Despite Facebook’s News Feed algorithm (Often referred to as EdgeRank) that matches content with relevant users, plus the recent introduction of Page Post Targeting, it can still be challenging for Facebook Pages to reach their most important fans. The definition of an “important” fan is different for every Page – for some, it’s the target demographic that is more likely to purchase the business’ product. For other Pages, like fashion and apparel brands, it might be the most influential consumers, … Read More

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August 13, 2012 in Whitepapers

How to Educate Bosses, Colleagues and Clients about Facebook Marketing (PDF Whitepaper)


Getting bosses, colleagues and clients to understand Facebook Marketing is hard. Really hard. The success of a Facebook Page is measured in cycles, rather than the short burst campaigns that dominate agencies – the same client who approves a $500,000 budget for the media team won’t spend $5,000 on content development for Facebook, and asks you questions about Facebook ROI. If that sounds familiar, we feel your pain. To help you out, we put together a PDF that breaks down why … Read More

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August 9, 2012 in How-To

Page Post Targeting – the biggest opportunity for smart marketers in years


“For anyone who has worked in email marketing, Post Targeting is the equivalent of having all the core demographic data you need, without ever having to manage a database or clunky email marketing software.” Tweet In case you missed it, Facebook recently announced game-changing news for marketers working with Facebook Pages. Rolling out over the next few weeks, Pages will soon be able to target posts with five additional parameters, making some of the same precision targeting that has previously … Read More


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